Sunday, April 16, 2017

Another Easter Vigil

Today, I had the privilege of assisting at the fourth Easter Vigil since I was ordained. I'm always grateful for the opportunity, and I try to block out the Triduum on my work calendar so I can give adequate attention to liturgy and my prayer life.

When I entered the diaconate, I was never told that liturgy can actually be exhausting. But if you take a good look at our director of liturgy after the Easter Vigil Mass (salute, General Tish), you will come to understand just how much work goes into these liturgies, and we often have to attend rehearsals for them as well. Fortunately, General Tish gives us our marching orders. We don't question her dictates. There's a joke among clergy: what's the difference between a terrorist and a liturgist?

You can negotiate with a terrorist.

That said, the clergy typically wing it anyway.

This year, I had the added privilege of seeing catechumens and candidates, whom my wife and I prepared, enter the Church. I expected to be a bit more emotional, but the demands of the Easter liturgy held my focus. There were a few moments still that gripped me: the woman (one of our neophytes) who received communion from my cup because she couldn't risk gluten contamination; the unbaptized Christian father who wanted to lead his family to the Church; the man who came for love of his wife, who I think  found more than he expected.

All of them I see as my spiritual children, and while I am grateful that they will be moving on to new roles as Catholic faithful, I will miss them after our time of mystagogy.

Thank you, Lord, for allowing us to serve you in this way.
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