Friday, February 22, 2013

Rite of Election and an Added Blessing

Wednesday Evening was the Rite of Election for our deanery. I had just finished up sung vespers in the downstairs chapel (with a required video shoot for my homiletics training) and had to join the catechumen that I am sponsoring upstairs. We have 32 catechumens and candidates in our parish RCIA program. The largest parish in our deanery has somewhere close to 130! So we've got some good programs going in our area.

I am doing some short presentations this year—not the full sessions that I have done on scripture and revelation in the past. However, I'm happy to be involved in whatever way I can be. It's one of those ministries that is close to my heart.

I received an additional blessing by being there. As part of our diaconal formation, my class was requirered to attend a Marriage Encounter weekend. It was probably not quite fair for the other attendees as more than half of the couples were in formation. (We were told that we should not act like a club that weekend and to spend time with our spouse rather than our group.)

Anyway, there was one couple I noticed who did not seem to be doing well. The wife was particularly upset after one of the breakaway sessions, and they did not finish the weekend. I prayed for them at the time because they seemed so clearly unhappy. Every now and then, for some reason, that couple would come to mind, and I would say another prayer for them.

Flash forward to Wednesday evening.

I saw a woman and was trying to place her. She was a candidate, so probably either converting to the faith or finally getting confirmed. Then I remembered the couple, and I saw that her husband... the same... was there as well. Not only were they still together, but they are both coming fully into the Church this Easter Vigil. And they looked happy.
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