Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Aggie Catholics: Fr. Corapi - Come Back To the Priesthood

Here's video from St. Joseph Communications posted at Aggie Catholics. I have listened to Fr. Corapi since my reversion to the faith. One thing that strikes me is how out of character all of this seems. That's not to say that we always saw the real face of Fr. Corapi, but he certainly seemed to be the real thing. I also can't help but wonder of the many physical ailments and resulting legal issues he's endured over the last few years have also played a part here. In any case, this post is the last I will mention the matter. He's in my daily intercessory requests.

Aggie Catholics: Fr. Corapi - Come Back To the Priesthood: "A passionate call to Fr. Corapi to come back to his vocation of the priesthood. This will be the last post on the Corapi situation, unless ..."
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