Saturday, April 16, 2011

What's up (with) Doc?

I recently requested prayers for my father, who has had a recurrence of the cancer he had a few years ago. Given that he's 75, we're all a little concerned. However, the fact that this is a recurrence rather than a new cancer is reassuring. Then there's the plain fact that Doc is not going down without a fight. He's almost annoyingly chipper, and it's only annoying that the treatments he's undergoing would make most of use whimper and whine.

Let's start with his test 10 days ago. They (those people who determine such things) decided that they needed to check Doc's bone marrow to determine if it might be helpful in his upcoming treatment. They took a sample, and ran a number of their tests. Doc went home, took a short nap, and scurried off to work. This week, he had an MRI, a spinal tap, and some other testing. I called him in the evening to see how he was doing. He was not only fine; he was downright perky.

Yesterday I stopped by to see him in the hospital as he started his first round of chemotherapy. He seems to think he's geting a spa treatment: loves the food, thinks he's being pampered, berates the nurses and CNAs (kindly, of course). Doctors don't often know how to be sick, but my dad takes that truism in the opposite direction. He's an ideal patient.

So I'm not posting to tell you that you don't need to pray for him but to tell you to pray all the more. It's obviously working.

Grace and peace to you all.
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