Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Prayers for Anthony and...

Ironic Catholic has been doing her part to publicize the wonderful efforts of the people at Reece's Rainbow, a foundation that seeks to find homes for children with Down Syndrome and other disabilities. These children often come from Eastern Europe or China and are considered unadoptable.

IC has been writing a lot lately about this boy, Anthony, who has CP and a number of other secondary medical problems. He is nearing the age where he will be moved from the "baby house" to a mental institution. I have been thinking a lot about Anthony, and praying as well, for God to help us discern how we should respond to this boy's needs. I'm still not certain what that response should be. But this morning, as I was returning from the Y (after leading an early morning fitness class), I was turning over in mind the challenges of raising a child with profound disabilities. I tossed up one of my typical, spontaneous prayers for guidance, adding, "Our lives would be dramatically altered if we adopted this boy."

An answer came back clear as a bell: "So would his."

Please pray for us to discern God's will here, and pray that a family (maybe ours) will step up to adopt Anthony soon.
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