Monday, March 21, 2011

The Latest Furor

Mark Shea, Elizabeth Scalia, Fr. Z., and others have written sensible words of caution concerning the allegations about Fr. Corapi. (Sadly, a few of the usual suspects have taken the opportunity to slap Fr. Corapi while he's down, but that's how these ugly scenes go.) I will be very sorry if the accusations prove to be true, but it will not affect my faith one iota, for the simple reason that I expect that good people will fall and that some who seem good will be exposed. We need to pray for everyone and do our best not to be stumbling blocks for others.

Anyway, one of the books I'm reading this Lent is The Imitation of Christ. I'm trying to take it in small pieces to avoid overloading and missing something important. Today's reading seems apropos, particularly the last sentence in Book I, chapter 13, section 1: "Nobody can reach to such heights of sanctity that he is never tempted; there is no such thing as being above temptation altogether."
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