Thursday, November 04, 2010


I have a special intention regarding... well, I can't really say just yet. I've been given hints that I'm going to get some unpleasant news tomorrow. However, there are so many different directions it could go. So please pray that God's will for me will be done and that my family will be supported regardless of the outcome.

Thanks to you all.

UPDATE: As I suspected, my contract is being terminated early. My manager dug in his heels for as long as he could, but the definitive word came down. I have work until the end of January. After that, I'll need to have some new contracts or land a full-time position somewhere. If you know anyone who is trying to get into the XML/XSL and content-management space, please send them my way, or send me their way. And your prayers are greatly appreciated.

Here's my company web site:
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