Sunday, July 25, 2010

Back in the USA

Greetings, all. I arrived back in Boise around 3:30 PM GMT. My last day, as usual, began around 7:00 AM in Tel Aviv, with checkout at 8:30, followed by a trip to the Palmach and Eretz Israel Museums in Ramat Aviv. I can heartily recommend the first (an experiential museum following the lives of seven recruits as they train to serve in the elite commando unit) but did not have time to adequately appreciate the second. From there, I caught a taxi to the Arlozorov bus terminal, a secondary terminal in Tel Aviv. I took 480 into Jerusalem and spent a little time visiting some landmarks in the city (the King David Hotel and the YMCA), walked across the western end of the Valley of Hinnom to the Old City. (The valley might not quite start at that spot but is just a few kilometers from it.) I zipped back to the hotel to make sure I didn't miss the last bus before Shabbat, then walked from the Arlozorov back to my hotel down Rothschild Boulevard, arriving back around 6:00 PM. I left for my 11:50 PM at 8:15 so I had ample time to clear security. (They recommend arriving three hours in advance.) I took my middle seat on an 11-hour flight and settled in for 11 hours of tossing, movie watching, reading. It was a long flight. I had two layovers. No wonder I started to crash hard by 7:00. Anyway, I will have some pictures up this week. It's good to be home.
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