Tuesday, May 25, 2010

God is No Delusion

I have previously addressed my problems with Richard Dawkins' book The God Delusion. You can follow my critique beginning here. It takes little exposure to logic to see the gaps in Dawkins' reasoning, but it takes a great deal of persistence for those not already in the new-athiest choir to finish the book. I understand this is pretty typically of these currently popular diatribes.

On a recommendation I picked up somewhere in the blogosphere (possible Fr. Philip Powell, who will celebrate his patron's memorial tomrrow), I ordered the work of a fellow Dominican, Thomas Crean, O.P., from Amazon. It also is a critique of Dawkins' book, entitled God is No Delusion.

I've never had any misconception of the weakness of Dawkins' argument (singular) and his many qualms with religion. However, in the few hours I've spent with this book, I have come to a whole new appreciation for Aquinas' 5 arguments for the existence of God, and this from a discussion that only includes the first and fifth argument.

I'd like to interrupt this diatribe to affirm the impressions of first readers concerning the nature of this blog. I'm a complete theology geek. I apologize if you were looking for something more entertaining, but it's the plain truth.

Anyway, Crean takes apart Dawkins in a new way, and he also manages to impart a clear notion of Divine simplicity, of the First Cause, and of the sophistry inherent in the arguments of the New Athiests. Check it out!
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