Thursday, February 18, 2010

Minor Celebrity Theologian Spotted

Well, if theologians can actually be celebrities.

Sometime during the octave of Christmas, I made it to morning Mass, and I saw a couple I didn't recognize with their four children. The father was shepherding the children to and from the restrooms while the mother held down the fort.

A week later, I spotted this post at the new AmP blog at Catholic Vote Action. The couple and the four children in the photo looked very familiar. Sure enough, Dr. John Mortensen, his wife Beth, and their four children were standing with the Holy Father, and Dr. Mortensen was accepting an award for his doctoral thesis on St. Thomas.

At Mass this morning, I saw them again and introduced myself. John and Beth seem like very kind people. It gives me some hope to see theologians springing up in this desert, Boise.

UPDATE: And our next most likely candidate for minor theoligical celebrity-hood stopped by as well. Looking forward to seeing you complete your program, Mike. Grace and peace to your family.
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