Monday, January 11, 2010

Time to Pick Up the Pace

I've decided that the current pace of my theological studies isn't satisfactory. Since I'm self-employed and often travel, and since I still like to see my family, I've made it my practice to take only two classes a year and to skip each subsequent semester. Of course, that means I'm taking forever to finish. I planned on 6 years total, but of course, I still have a comps and a thesis after that. Through deacon formation in the mix, and you can see how this process could take way too long.

So I've decided to ratchett up a notch and go continuously until the courswork is done. With some of the overlap between MA and diaconal coursework, I think I'll be able to manage without losing my sanity. I'm hoping to wrap up both around the same time.

Your prayers are welcome as always.
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