Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Phylactery Curse

Okay, not really a curse, but it's one of the most common hits I get. I've had more hits today than ever in the history of my blog. Not that I've ever had many.

Phylactery is the Greek word for what in Hebrew is called a Tefillin. I use the term because it's an allusion to a statement Jesus makes in Matthew 23:5 about how Pharisees make their phylacteries wide and fringes long. Many people are interested in the subject because of an incident on a US Air flight today. However, others just want to know what a phylactery or tefillin is. For anyone coming here please understand that my use of the term is no indication of disrespect for my Jewish brethren (as a poke around in my archives will demonstrate). It is a recognition in my own fallibility as a Christian to engage more in the letter of the law and not enough in the spirit of it (which was Jesus' point in Matt. 23:5).
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