Saturday, November 07, 2009

Random Bits

My wife, daughter, and I had the pleasure of attending the Awake and Alive tour on Thursday. Now, those of you who spend any time with me know that my tastes in music run from the more traditional (especially in liturgy) to the rather hard and heavy stuff. The Awake and Alive tour would be an example of the latter.

Four bands played: The Letter Black, Decyfer Down (one of my favorites), Hawk Nelson (one of my daughter's favorites), and Skillet (the headliner, who we all like). All four bands put on a great show. When I see bands like this, I sometimes miss playing professionally. While I enjoy playing for Theology on Tap, there's nothing like having a stage, stacks of speakers, and a few dozen par 24s overhead. Maybe if my band can start writing our own songs, we might be able to do a bit more than a set of covers once a month.

One of the nice things about Christian acts is that they often come out to their merchandise table afterward and talk with people. The singer and guitar player for The Letter Black were mixing for a good part of the show after they finished. They seem like a nice couple.

I've noticed some hits from someone in Cary, NC a few times and am wondering if it's a former coworker or if its just someone who happens to live in the Containment Area for Relocated Yankees.
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