Saturday, November 14, 2009

Israel Photos Redux

Julie D. posted a beautiful lithograph by David Roberts of what appears to be a view of Bethlehem from the north (mostly settlements there now, I believe). I commented that many of Roberts' lithographs are of scenes I've photographed (inexpertly, I admit). She asked me to repost some of those. Unfortunately, I'm a bit strapped for time this weekend, so I'm just posting some Jaffa photos that I missed and added a list links to my older posts.

After browsing quickly through, I'm surprised at just how many I did not publish. Might have to remedy that. The photo below is a view from the north of Old Jaffa from the beach just across the street and south from David Intercontinental and the Dan. It looks like it might have been taken from the same vantage point as one of the Roberts' lithographs.

This mosque is on the northern edge of Old Jaffa.

Here's the minaret from the same mosque at sunset.

The door on this house caught my attention. The house is on the west side of the main plaza—hard to miss if you ever visit.

One of the narrow streets of Old Jaffa,

When I say Jaffa is an ancient city, I do mean ancient (some 7500 years old). The traditional founder of Jaffa is Japheth, a son of Noah, although this story is not universally accepted. The photo below shows some possibly bronze-age archaeological ruins.

Here are links to some of my older posts with Israel photos. There are also a few travel reports that I haven't linked. If you click the Israel label, you should see the others.

Some reminders from the War of Independence

Various photos of holy sites (Jaffa, Jerusalem, Nazareth, Galilee)

Akko and Haifa

Caesarea Maritima


Jaffa and Old City Jerusalem

And then there was this visitor I encountered at the Holy Sepulchre.

Go see Julie's post, which prompted my recollection, and click through to the other lithographs.
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