Saturday, October 17, 2009

Rite of Candidacy Today

Greetings, everyone. As of today, I'm officially a candidate for the diaconate, and my wife has been accepted for lay ministry formation. The Rite of Candidacy and Rite of Acceptance for Lay Ministry Formation took place today at Holy Apostles Catholic Church in Meridian, Idaho, Bishop Michael Driscill presiding.

We've been in training for the last 15 months and have another three years to go, but this is the first official rite along the way. I have to say that doing both diaconal formation and grad work in theology simultaneously is a bit challenging, but I'm happy to bee steeping heavily in the theology, history, and liturgy of the Church.

Please pray for all of us who were accepted today that we will serve God and the Church faithfully along with our priests and bishop.
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