Friday, September 11, 2009

Got kitsch?

This weekend marks an annual event here in Boise, when which I never fail to miss.

Kitsch in the Park!*

Looking for a new dream catcher?

Or maybe a wolf t-shirt?

Or maybe you want a dreamcatcher with howling wolves on it?

Or maybe you're just looking for a new velvet Elvis to put next to your old velvet Elvis.

Maybe you want a terra cotta image of your spirit guide, like this dazzling seal!

You can find this and more at Boise's annual Kitsch in the Park!

*Actually, Art in the Park, but if it's anything like it used to be, my title is more acurate.

UPDATE: I meant this post in jest mostly to poke fun at the quasi-spiritual nature of a lot of the crafts offered at the festival, but I have updated this post to remove a line that could (and did) give offense. My apologies to anyone else who was offended.
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