Saturday, June 06, 2009


My head, hitting the desk.

I landed back in Boise yesterday following a 21-hour flight from Israel that began at 12:30 AM. Having slept some on the longest leg, I thought I would be just fine until bedtime. That, however, turned out to be 5:00 PM yesterday, and I managed to sleep (with occasional moments of consciousness) until 6:30 this morning. I knew I was wiped from the trip, but I had no idea I was that exhausted. Still feeling it a bit.

I have more photos and a few video clips of very poor quality (with some narration, also of very poor quality) of my latest foray into the Old City. I'm very sorry not to have captured my harrowing encounter with the contingent of Arab schoolgirls on video so you could see just how terrifying it was. I will post those in the upcoming days, along with some additional stories about my adventures at Shabbat, as well as some experiences with my very Orthodox and learned Jewish colleague whom I trained this last week. If you ever want to feel unschooled about scripture, talk to a middle-aged religious Jew who spends four hours a day studying Hebrew scripture.

Grace and peace to you all.
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