Sunday, June 07, 2009

Prayer Request

Ever since I was a six-year-old on my Schwinn in a highway-patrol uniform, handing out tickets on Fairchild Air Force Base (made out on an office phone-message pad), I have wanted to be a cop. For various reasons, that dream never took flight. However, I recently (okay, recent as in six months ago) applied for reserve officer positions for a couple of local law enforcement agencies. The week before I left for Israel, I was contacted by one to schedule an oral board. Typically, the board is the third step in the initial employment process, while in this case, it's the first. I'm a bit unclear on whether this one will be as rigorous as they usually are. So if you would please pray for me for my upcoming board this Wednesday.

One way or another, I figured I needed to give this one more shot. I even shaved off my beard and moustache in preparation. Imagine my horror when I discovered that I still have no lips. Fortunately, lips aren't a prerequisite for POST academy.
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