Monday, May 18, 2009

One more gig down... and now a personnel change

We had our last spring Theology on Tap tonight at the Stone House next to the Boise River, with a speaker (a social worker) on end-of-life issues. She was pretty humorous—obviously practiced on the topic. I would've liked a bit more discussion of the ethical implications, but I think her point had more to do with how individuals need to work with loved ones to determine how far extraordinary methods should be taken.

And then my band, Dark Night Lifting, played a set in 88 degree weather—pleasant, I'm sure, if you're sitting in the shade, but a little rough when it's the first hot weather you've seen and you're singing outside. (Yes, poor me, eh?) Anyway, all went about as well as could be expected, and we actually had a bit of an audience. People even stopped on the greenbelt to listen a little.

Our keyboard had some employment conflicts but was able to be there. However, it looks like we need to start working someone in to take his place. He's heading off to Seattle U. at the end of August. So, if you happen to know a Catholic musician in the Boise area who plays keyboards and sings and doesn't mind playing contemporary and alternative Christian styles (non-liturgical), please let them know we're looking.
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