Wednesday, March 04, 2009


When Rosalind Moss and Dcn. Harold Burke-Sivers came to speak to us almost two years ago, both attempted to point at the crucifix in our sanctuary when making a point about the Passion, only to discover that our cathedral's sanctuary had no crucifix. It was an odd moment of both embarrassment and vindication, as we had been noting the lack for some time and encouraging our rector to recitify (no pun intended) the situation.

I'm happy to say that on Ash Wednesday, our wait came to an end. Fr. Henry spent considerable time picking out the right crucifix, and I for one am happy with his choice—a very simple, traditional crucifix. Here's a photo of the high altar with crucfix and Fr. Henry, our rector, standing in front.

Yes, I know it would be preferable for the bishop's chair to be to the side, but I'm not in charge here.
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