Thursday, January 08, 2009

Scott Ott on Conservatism and Love

Scott Ott is a former journalist who now does speaking engagements and edits the satire web journal Scrappleface (downright hilarious news satire site). If just come across some of his video commentaries, and I have to say he has a very Christian (if not downright Catholic) sense of his conservatism. I say this because, in large, my thinking has largely followed the same trajectory. I'm conservative not because I don't care about the poor but because I know that government intervention doesn't work. The homelessness and poverty we see now is a result of the reduced sense of responsibility that we have because of government intervention, not despite it.

When I was a liberal, my motivation was compassion and a grossly naïve understanding of how the world works. Now that I'm a conservative, I'm still motivated by compassion, but I think I have a much more realistic understanding of the world.
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