Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Church Teaching on Same-Sex Attraction

Back in November, I read this post at American Catholic on the Church's teaching on homosexuality. One comment in particular stuck with me: "'Eric, never once is a prayer uttered for homosexuals — for their souls, for their struggles, or for their concerns — in prayers of intercession during Mass.'" I forgot where I had read this comment, but the idea stuck nonetheless. Since then, every Wednesday morning at Mass, I have been offering an intercessory prayer for those who have same-sex attractions. If we truly love others as we say we do, we can do no less. Please consider adding this intention to your list.

I'm going to have an opportunity to comment on this issue and the Sacrament of Matrimony on "Faith with Father" at the end of February (on KSPD 790 in the Treasure Valley).

By the way, it looks like the Treasure Valley is getting closer to having its own Catholic radio station. Salt & Light Radio (KXSL) has signed a letter of intent for the purchase of a local station from a mainstream broadcasting company. In addition, it looks like they might be able to purchase two construction permits from Immaculate Heart Radio. Please help if you can!
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