Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Greetings

Merry Christmas to all of you out there, and happy Chanukah to my Jewish friends (although they're not likely to be reading this blog anyway). I may get off my duff and post some more soon. I have a Patristics class through Holy Apostles coming up in a few weeks, so that will be fodder for blogging.

If you are in the Treasure Valley, you might dial in to 790 KPSD this afternoon at 3:00 PM or this evening at 8:00 PM for "Faith with Father." You can also listen online at I was asked to sit in for someone as a studio audience member. Our rector, Fr. Henry Carmona, asks a number of questions, and we're called to respond. This is the first of two sessions we recorded, and I suspect I'll be asked to take part in more in the future. Anyway, please tune in.

Also, please keep my wife in your prayers. Surgery is eight days away.
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