Wednesday, October 22, 2008

USCCB Clarification on "Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship"

As mentioned in the update to the bumped post below, Cardinal Rigali and Bishop Murphy came out with a much more direct statement today concerning the obligation of Catholics to actively work to reverse Roe vs. Wade:

Roe v. Wade is a clear case of an “intrinsically unjust law” we are morally obliged to oppose (see Evangelium vitae, nos. 71-73). Reversing it is not a mere political tactic, but a moral imperative for Catholics and others who respect human life.

They note that much headway has been made, but that a threat looms:

Bans on public funding, laws requiring informed consent for women and parental involvement for minors, and other modest and widely supported laws have saved millions of lives. Laws made possible by reversing Roe would save many more. On the other hand, this progress could be lost through a key pro-abortion proposal,
the “Freedom of Choice Act,” which supporters say would knock down hundreds of current pro-life laws and forbid any public program to “discriminate” against abortion in providing services to women.

Obama has promised to sign the “Freedom of Choice Act” if he gets into office.

The authors could not be more direct without telling us how to vote, which of course, they can't.
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