Thursday, October 16, 2008

Meet Joe the Plumber

If you haven't yet, his chance encounter with Obama has netted him with both more than his allotted 15 minutes of fame*, but also an undeserved liability that may cost him the ability to continue in his career.

Here's the encounter:

So, Obama walks up to this guy's house and addresses him, and this man is being dressed down for not being a licensed plumber? Around here, someone who does plumbing and does plumbing is called a pipefitter, but what they usually do is the same thing.

It's appalling. A man who is acosted on the street and dares to voice his opinion is threatened with the loss of his livelihood because of his opinions. This is the man that Sens. Obama and Biden claim to be standing for. He wants to buy a business that grosses more than $250K, and for that and his willingness to voice his opinion, he is trashed.

What the hell? I don't respond this way often, but this is one of those inexplicable intersections of data that don't make sense. This is a guy who does a typical, blue-collar job who is simply trying to move up and has a simple question. Yes, he recognizes the dangers of an Obama predidency, but doesn't he have a right to voice that opinion?

Please let me know if you know how we can support Joe Wurzelbacher. Let's get behind him and let the left know that this won't fly.

UPDATE: The take on Hot Air. I suspect this chance incident may be pivotal.

UPDATE 1: What the hell? "

Trying to represent someone in the working class is now suspect?

I'm still trying to get enough info to discern just what Sen. Obama was trying to say.
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