Monday, October 06, 2008

The Character Issue

John McCain and Sarah Palin are finally going after Obama on the questionable relationships he has and his connection to the subprime mortgage debacle. Conservatives have been saying, "It's about time." Many have not been happy with the lack of aggressiveness on these issues.

I'm wondering if the timing was intentional. A few bloggers have commented that this is pretty much the last week in which campaigning will have any real influence. If so, wouldn't it make sense to hold your best attacks for the moment at which they'd do the most damage? Tactically, it make sense. If I'm in a sparring match, I take my time until I get my opponent tired, off-balance, or cocky. That usually happens when they think the end is in sight. That's when you pull out the big moves, when they do the most good. McCain has had all of this information for months (if not years). Would anyone have heard him a month ago? Last week? Would the Obama team have time to smooth over the bumps if he had?
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