Thursday, September 11, 2008

Papal Infallibility

This comment thread is open for discussions on papal infallibility in response to a post elsewhere. Feel free to comment, understanding that I will accept legitimate points and reject those that are merely attacks.

The particular comment in question was posted on the Ace of Spades. A certain DrewM wrote: "And the Pope thinks he's infallible. He's a piker compared to these f*** heads."

No, Drew, you completely misunderstand what the term "papal infallibility" means. Given that you tossed this bit into a completely unrelated topic, I have to believe that you have a particular animus for the Catholic Church. If you'd like to lay out that disagreement here, then you're invited to do so. I will accept that you might misstate some points of Catholic belief. I will censor for inappropriate comments, and I will respond to any distorations of Catholic doctrine.

For anyone else who wants to join in the fray, please regard the points above and please be charitable.
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