Sunday, July 20, 2008

What is currently up

So I'm in Israel again, and I made a pilgrimage tob the Old City again to see some old sites and a few new ones.

Oddly, Israel has many of the very attributes I find oppressive: heat, dust, and in many places, trash and grafitti.

I have always been a coastal-weather person and never looked at a trip to Israel as something desirable. However, this place has a strange (maybe I should say, peculiar) attraction. After you walk through ruins that predate most civilization, you begin to appreciate just how far we've come. After you see the dramatic differences in how people live here in the Holy Land, you realize just how far we have to go. Being a Catholic Christian, I have sympathies on both sides, but they're motivated not by nationality but by a sense of mercy and justice. I pray for peace for all parties in this conflict.

Anyhoo, here I am, and I'm posting again. I'm heading to Galilee in the morning. After today's self-directed tour, a guided tour will be welcome. I'll post pictures soon.

Yes, I'm going to start posting again. I have to admit that I grew frustrated with the lack of comments (not so much traffic). I see blogs as a way to promote dialogue, so I felt I was failing in my efforts here. However, I've received some of the kindest comments from people whom I esteem greatly. Truly, I might not get a lot of traffic, but I get really quality traffic. Thank you who stop by to read now and then.
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