Monday, May 05, 2008

Looking for Guitarist

Okay, I think I've mentioned previously that I started playing with my parish's Lifeteen ministry. I was always quite conflicted with this ministry, primarily because of the style pop-style music used for the liturgy, but there were also other considerations as well that eventually revealed to me that this just wasn't going to work over the long term. However, the leader of the group and the drummer wanted to do something outside of the liturgy that was more performance oriented. We've started a group with a couple other members—one Catholic and one a more "nondenominational" Christian—for the purpose of playing for youth and young-adult groups. We've already had one gig (a Holy Grounds night, which is a Catholic coffee-house ministry for young adults), and we have our next two coming up this and next Friday.

We have some other dates in mind and also want to be available to warm up or play back up for other artists who come through the area. Right now, we really need another guitarist—someone who is versatile and who can cover anything from light jazz to acoustic and heavy rock styles. Since our focus will be Catholic ministries (although not liturgies), we would prefer a Catholic musician. Singing ability is desired but not required. We plan on ramping up pretty quickly and will practice at least once a week (with individual practice required until we learn the set list). We have a PA, but the individual will need equipment appropriate for multiple venues (coffee houses to auditoriums). A Marshall stack is great, if you have one, but you might not want to lug it into the local Moxie Java.

If you know anyone local to the Treasure Valley who might be interested, please drop me a line (or tell them to drop me one) at technicoid - at- cableone -dot- net.
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