Thursday, May 08, 2008

How to Handle an Athiest?

So I've spent a good five posts talking about Dawkins and what are, for the most part, very common arguments by athiests against the existence of God. At some points, I was a little ascerbic, but I hope I didn't come off uncharitably. My point in reaidng The God Delusion was to prepare myself to provide a defense of both the philosophical support for the existence of God as well as support for theological propositions concerning the Catholic faith.

When it comes down to it, though, few people will come to the Catholic faith because of a well-formed argument concerning God's existence. They might accept it as true, but knowing the truth and embracing it are two different things. As a few other local theology nerds have reminded me in the past, converts are not won by reason but by love. And as Paul mentioned, without that, my rantings are simply a clanging gong.

I'm also reminded of a song from Camelot: "How to Handle a Woman." As Arthur dealt with Guenivere, we have to deal with those with whom we disagree. We can be disagreeable ourselves, or we can do what comes hardest but is ultimately the only answer. We just love them. We love them in the midst of conflict. We love them to the mat, if need be. But we love them nonetheless. Anything else is un-Christian.
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