Thursday, April 03, 2008

On Days Past and Perspective

I had an interesting experience just recently. I've been following and and coming across old friends and classmates and attempting to reconnect with a few here and there. Just the other day, I came across a name of someone I knew in eighth grade. When I followed the links to this person's profile, it led to a LinkedIn account, which noted workplace and professional info. As it turns out, this nice girl I knew in eighth grade has turned out to be someone apparently very well known in the international affairs circles: books, articles, conference presentations, UN missions. I was stunned at how silently successful she's been. Given how bright she was then, it doesn't really doesn't surprise me how well she's done.

I mentioned this to my wife, and she asked if I had tried to reestablish contact. I thought it probably wasn't necessary to intrude, but after some thought, I went ahead and sent an email.

She responded very nicely, but she couldn't remember me at all. It's rather funny to because I remember so many things about her and she so little (that is, nothing). Oh yeah. I had a crush on her. No wonder I remember so much more. Anyway, what I find interesting now is how different our perceptions at the time were and how those perceptions affect our memories.

I will probably read one of her books and review it here (as best I am concerning my lack of expertise on the subject).
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