Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Oh, for Pete's Sake!

I don't know how many times that clause has left my lips over the past few days. I put of reading The God Delusion during Easter week, but because of our library's policy on new books, I have to wrap up this one by Saturday. That part isn't particularly difficult. The book is not a challenging read. The passages that actually focus on matters scientific are eloquent and enjoyable to read—until, of course, Dawkins comes to his point. I will have more on that later, when I write a more detailed account of his claims.

Suffice it to say that Dawkins is no philosopher (a fact he surely acknowledges with pleasure). The problem is that it shows. He attempts no actual argument in many cases but simply dismisses proofs and premises with no explanation why. He paints with the broadest of brushes, and the first three chapters seem to be nothing more than 100 pages of logical fallacies (argument by authority and poisoning the well apparently being his two favorite approaches to philosophical debate). I'll have more this weekend.
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