Monday, January 28, 2008

Prayers for David R.

One of our fellow parishioners sent out a request for prayers for her son. Please add David R. to your prayer list:

On Wednesday I took my son to the eye doctor when he was complaining about seeing a big black spot everywhere he looked with his right eye. He could barely see anything at all. To make what’s turning into a very long story a bit shorter, they’ve discovered a mass of sorts on the macula behind his right eye. We’ve started running tests, and so far no “easy” or obvious answers are appearing. The latest theory is that there may be a growth (tumor) behind his eye in the socket, and some sort of fluid, that is pressing against his eye, causing a fluid leak (thus the object they found), as well as pressure behind the eye, pressing against it.

Next week we will be going to a neurologist for either an MRI or CAT scan to see what can be seen in his head.

As you can probably imagine, this is a very scary time for us. David’s mood is high – which is not surprising, he’s 11 years old and a really great kid. But he is scared, as are mom and dad.

So, I would ask for your prayers… lots of them, please. We need all the prayer warriors we can get. I’m praying that this turns into “nothing,” but at this stage we can’t take any chances. It’s hard not to think about all the “what if’s” – although I know I shouldn’t. So… anyway, please, please pray for David.
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