Monday, October 29, 2007

My Special Intention and the Result

I requested prayers for a special intention of mine last week, and I received a response very soon after posting. Some of you will think it strange that I needed guidance on this particular subject, but for me, there were some strong feelings about whether I should make a particular commitment. Anyway, the die is cast.

I was asked to join the music ministry for the Lifeteen Mass, and I accepted the job. I'll be playing bass and singing. Now, I'm much more of a traditional choir guy, and I like chant. I tend to think that those musical expressions are more appropriate for the liturgy. However, I've had several indications that this might be where I'm needed and where my daughter's faith will thrive (at least for the time being). I suspect that many of the kids who are attracted to the Lifeteen Mass would be attracted to the extraordinary form as well, simply because it isn't what their parents have taken them to all their lives. Ultimately, I want my daughter to understand that the liturgy is the liturgy is the liturgy. The reason for being there is not because we prefer the music, or like a particular priest, or want everyone to keep their hands to themselves during the sign of peace, but because that is where Christ comes to us and where we relive and re-present the pascal sacrifice.

Anyway, please pray for me in this new endeavor. Perhaps I can convince the leaders of te youth ministry that Gregorian chant is really much more appealling to adolescents these days.
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