Sunday, September 02, 2007

What's a Catholic Father to Do?

I ask for your continued prayers for my daughter and her mother. About three years ago, my daughter chose, after witnessing my reversion and confirmation, to come into the Church. She seemed happy with her decision until the last six months or so. In the last two months, she has become increasingly disaffected, but she wouldn't ask questions or make comments. She simply became more and more irritable. I finally confronted her on this issue, and she indicated that she doesn't know if she believes in the teachings of the Church anymore.

Mind you, she's 13. She did very well with her lessons coming into the Church, but educating her for the last year (the start of junior high) has been like pulling teeth. When I actually asked the teaching to which she referred, she came up with some standard items, some real and some simple misinformation: no ordination for women, the Church's supposed "hatred" of other denominations and of homosexuals, the issue of choice. She told me that she considers herself a feminist. She also has mentioned not feeling God's presence at Mass.

These are all the same issues that her mother has with the Church. While she claims that no one has influenced her, I have a hard time buying it, and her mother as much admitted that she shares her opinions with my daughter. I suspect it's a bit more than a simple sharing of her opinion, but I have no control over it, whatever it was.

I've tried to get my daughter to ask more questions, and I've provided plenty of reading material on the subject. When we talk, she seems open to discussion, but when she goes back to her mother's house, all bets are off. She seems to swing back and forth weekly.

Please pray for my daughter, and perhaps more importantly, pray for her mother's conversion of heart. Thank you all in advance, and God bless.
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