Monday, July 16, 2007

From author to another

Michael Barber notes Dominic Crossan's "recommended meditation" for the Holy Father:

Finally, I suggest this meditation for Pope Benedict—courteously, of course, as one author of a Jesus-book to another. When the People of God were on trek towards their Promised Land, they needed both a Leader and some Scouts. The Scouts went ahead and were the first to enter the Promised Land—although they did end up there on some surprising rooftops. The Scouts returned and reported what was up ahead. They had seen the future and the People followed them into it. But the Leader never made it into the Promised Land. He only glimpsed it from the peak of Pisgah and was buried in the midst of Moab.

and then takes him to task for it.

Funny thing about it is (as someone in the combox pointed out), most of the scouts never made it to the promised land either, but for completely different reasons.
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