Saturday, July 07, 2007

AH..... (my motu proprio post)*

Nothing like sitting down ona cool summer morning with a cup of coffee in one hand, and a copy of a motu proprio in the other.

Naturally, there are comments all over concerning how this will be implemented and what the effects will be. Gerald, my early-release source for Vatican news, has more information and some analysis.

Summorum Pontificum is all Motu Proprio news, all the time. He even has a link to the reaction of the General Superior of the SSPX. I won't include that here. Suffice it to say that it's sad to see continued posturing on Fellay's part. I'm not sure what part of Latae Sententiæ he doesn't understand.

And no discussion of the MP would be complete without Fr Z's input.

As for me, I have a lawn to mow and a house to clean (and clothes to wash, et cetera, ad nauseam).

UPDATE: Fr. Z's resident song writer has a new composition just for the occasion:

Go to the altar (turn, turn, turn)
look to the East now, (turn, turn, turn)
there’s a time for every Mass now, if it’s valid.
The time for banjos and dancing is gone,
dust off the censer, and toss out the bong.
No need for hugging, we all get along
let’s keep our focus together, on Jesus.

Page through the Missal (turn, turn, turn)
remember the rubrics (turn, turn, turn)
there’s a time and a purpose for those words there Pure,
humble rev’rence is what we now lack,
just do the red words and say those in black.
When we say High Mass, there’s no need for crack,
just let your deacon and subdeacon guide you.

Now weed your library, (turn, turn, turn)
use some discernment (turn, turn, turn)
it is time now to brush up on your Latin.
Farewell to Vosko, McBrien, Hans Keung,
deep down you knew that they just peddled deung,
the 60’s are old and the Church is still young
what still subsists is a thing of great beauty.

UPDATE: Fr. Martin Fox has a great post on the potential benefits of the Holy Father's action, as well as some of the practical constraints he faces as the pastor of two parishes. I hope we see more priests who respond with this enthusiasm.

*I haven't had any comments on this post (not that comments are rolling in for the others), and I thought just maybe, maybe the title was a bit unclear.

Just maybe.
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