Thursday, June 21, 2007

Why Do Men Avoid Vocations?

Jeff Miller pointed to this fantastic article by Anthony Esolen in Crisis this month. Esolen has captured something that I've come to know over the last decade or so (after sloughing off the nonesense I learned in college), and he confirms something my father (a child psychiatrist/pediatrician) has been saying for years about how boys operate. I'll go ahead and spoil it for you and give you the conclusion:

But these days, if all the boys have long been absent or tuned out, depend upon it: That church has become as safe as a slumber party, as comfortable and informal as a picnic, as ordinary as a wait in the dentist’s office; it has substituted for a passion for truth a breezy engagement with social fads, or simple emotionalism, regardless of whether the emotion comes from the left or the right, from newfangled universalism or old-fashioned damnation. It is not command, but etiquette. It is no sacrifice of the Eucharist, but a tea party with cucumber sandwiches. The Lord who Himself was once a boy, who wrestled in argument with the elders in the Temple, who alongside His father taxed His muscles at the plane and the lathe, who inspired men by seeking them out and calling them and dividing them into ranks and preaching the solemn truth, who freely lay His broken body down for our sakes and who freely took it up again, deserves better.

Go read the rest!
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