Thursday, June 21, 2007

New ICEL Translation and the View from the "Top"

Consider this about as close to a round up as you'll ever get from me. I've been reading with some amusement the comments from St. Blog's concerning Bishop Trautman's comments (which I read with some bemusement) on poor John and Mary Catholic, who are apparently so bereft of research skills that they cannot open a dictionary or use context to determine the meanings of words.

Alive and Young has a few words for those complaining cardinals and bishops who think the language is out of the grasp of little John and Mary. Amy Wellborn notes the contradictions in two bullet points (albeit numbered bullet points). And Julie D., the Happy Catholic, happily goes to town.

I'm not going to compare texts, as everyone else has done such a fine job of that. I'm appalled at the sterlilization process that has taken place in our scripture and in our churches. The constant over simplification to put things intellectually within our grasp, to humanize Christ, to demystify miracles, and to otherwise refashion the Church to make it look like every other secular institution does not edify us. It does not lift us up. It does not bear us into God's ineffable being. Instead it makes the extraordinary ordinary. It makes the beautiful banal. It destroys the message of the Gospel.

Christ, the Logos, the Word of God, did not come down to Earth to lower Himself to our standards but to lift us up to His.
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