Monday, June 18, 2007

It all started when he hit me back...

Okay, not really. I just knew some of you would bite.

It all started when a title popped into my head, and I'm sure that means that a year from now, I'll be pulling out my hair and wishing I'd never started this blog.

Whenever I have an idea brewing, it doesn't actually become conscious until I come up with a title. Papers, presentations, poems... whatever it is. If I have a title, or better yet, an opening paragraph, the thing is going to happen whether I like it or not.

And that's what happened last night as I was drifting off to sleep. A title for a book popped into my head. I'm not going to say what the title is, but I will tell you the audience and the aim of this work. I want to write a book for nonbelievers who want to seriously assess the claims of Christians, in general, and Catholics, specifically. It will work much in the same way as the Summa Theologica, without nearly the degree of sophistication. What I mean is that I will begin with objections first, then address arguments in support, and move through three primary subject areas:

- Existence of God
- The Divinity of Christ and the Triune nature of God
- The Catholic Church as the church ordained by Christ

ASIDE: I now have to applauded the blogger developers for adding the autosave feature. My system "terminated ungracefully" in the middle of my post, but because of the excellent work of the nlogger team, I only lost one bullet item. Way to go!

Anyway, I thought I could begin by a review of the literature currently presented by the best and brightest of the new athiests currently publishing. I've read nothing firsthand of what they've written, but most of the reviews indicate that it's mostly a miasma of false assumptions, question begging, well poisoning, and sundry other logical errors. Naturally, that means I actually have to read these authors. Then, after a long shower, I could address their major contentions. Then I would treat the three topics above.

This book would not be for Christians enquiring about or disputing the claims of the Catholic Church, nor would it be for people from other monotheistic faiths. While I respect the journey that many converts to the faith make, my aim is to speak from my own experience as a skeptic and how I came to embrace the faith.

I would be interested in hearing from Brent, Mike, Jeff, or Jennifer (if she can sweep the scorpions off of her keyboard) on this idea. And, hey, wasn't Julie D. an atheist or agnostic at one time, too?
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