Friday, May 11, 2007

Vocations Crisis and the Fullness of the Faith

Adoro Te Devoto posted something today that I have been thinking for some time:

There's not so much a crisis in Vocations as there is a crisis in Catechesis. Those are two very different things, and those realities are bourne out very practically. For example, it is those parishes that are all about "Social Justice" divorced from Morality, Tradition, and Obedience, that are crying out about this "crisis." They are crying because they can only see what is in their own backyard because they have shut out the light that is the Truth. Their "solution" is "married priests", "women priests" and varying innovative liturgies and "theologies" such as "eco-spirituality" and other nonsense.

Occasionally, some of those active in Catholic social justice circles will bring up the "seamless garment" argument about social justice issues. While I agree that we need consistency, I think the garment envisioned often lacks fabric. Social justice cannot stand on weak Catholic moral teaching, which is the very foundation for our spiritual life. We must have more to give than material equality, and the way to do that is to ensure the whole Gospel is taught and lived.
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