Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Movie Meme: the Answers

Elliot posted his answers, so I guess I'de better post mine, too.

1. skull crushing, cyberpunk, noir, megalopolis, dystopian = Bladerunner

2. famous score, Elba Island, Prussian, 1810s, Engaged Couple = Waterloo

3. Corporeal moritification, hunchback, autopsy, glasses, labyrinth = The Name of the Rose

4. peril, ancient sword, undead, giant spider, wizard = Return of the King

5. katana, captain, alcoholic, honor, redemption = The Last Samurai

6. Vietnam, brutality, cobra, poker, booby trap = Platoon

7. cautery, Scotland, Bannockburn, spear, weight throwing = Braveheart

8. soldier, racism, flogging, civil war, friendship = Glory

9. masked man, kissing, famous line, cliff, true love = The Princess Bride

10. Appalachia, drunkenness, pacifist, WWI, turkey shoot = Sergeant York
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