Sunday, May 06, 2007

Favorite Saints Meme

Rufus McCain at Korrektiv done tagged me with the Favorite Saints meme. (Heh. They think Spokane is the end of the world? It's downright cosmopolitan compared to Boise.)

So here we go.

Favorite Saints:

1. St. Francis of Assisi, my (and my daughter's) patron saint. he reminds me of me when I was in my twenties. All except for the saintliness.

2. St. Joseph. I'm a stepfather twice over, and I often look to St. Joseph for strength.

3. St. Joan d'Arc. I like a woman who fights for what she believes.

4. St. Augustine. I think most of us lapsed Catholics and athiest/agnostic converts find Confessions to be a really familiar story. St. Augustine wrote prolifically, which gives Patristics geeks plenty to chew on.

Favorite Blessed:
Gotta say that I'm not as aware of these folks, but I'll be trie and say Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, primarily because she's a living, breathing example within my lifetime. Sometimes I just want to pop C. Hitchens, Penn, and Teller in the nose for their attempts to sully her contributions.

Who should be canonized:
Absp. Fulton Sheen. I think he probably did more to present Catholicism to the non-Catholic United States than anyone else.

It seems ths meme has been floating around for some time, and I have no idea who else has been tagged. So I'm going to tag Mark at Dominican Idaho and Anita at V or Victory and guess that Blessed Margaret of Castello will be appearing in their lists somewhere.
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