Saturday, May 26, 2007

Coming out of Semi-anonymity (sort of)

I've decided to dispense with the pseudonym and use my real name. I have my reasons for not doing so until now (and for not using my last name). However, I know that it rankles some bloggers that people hide behind pseudonyms. Probably not coincidental is that many of these semi-anonymous bloggers use the shield to lob shibboleths and firebombs at others. I hope no one has ever thought of my comments in this fashion. In any case, here I am, Bill B., the blogger formerly known as Theocoid.

Our bishop here in Boise recently published an article about many of the tensions in the Church and in our diocese. While he didn't point fingers at a particular group, he did mention electronic media and the potential for both abuse and for negative witness. I've tried to keep my comments here civil and will continue to do so. I want to post what I believe is the truth, and I am willing to discuss issues and be corrected. However, I don't want to be yet another voice ranting in the night. I don't think ill-tempered rants serve the Body of Christ well at all (although they can make for amusing reading).
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