Wednesday, April 18, 2007

New Family Member and Something Else...

We're hearing the pitter patter of not-so tiny feet these days. Meet Brutus:

He came to us via my stepdaughters, ever the animal welfare do-gooders, who found him and a few other puppies being kept in dismal conditions. Now that they've finally realized that an apartment is not really the best place for a no-kill animal shelter, they've been forced to seek home for many of their critters. (Rats, cats, dogs, frogs, and at least a couple of ferrets—at least the don't keep their horses there.)

Brutus is half lab, half pit bull. He has the most mellow temperment, and at four months, he's housebroken. He's a surprisngly smart fellow.

On other fronts, somehow a local person wound up in a National Catholic Register interview this week...
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