Saturday, February 17, 2007

Update on Sophia

I just received an update on Sophia following her surgery yesterday. Some of the detail is a bit graphic, so I'll just post the first few sentences and explain the rest:

"After 11 hours in the surgery room, Sophia is doing great. Both Dr. Cherny and Dr. Johans said “it went very very well”. Dr. Johans was the first one to come talk to us, he said “in our field, these two surgeries were like poetry.” Everything went extremely well, very smoothly, with no complications and the doctors got to remove everything that was left of the tumor. With everything that could have gone wrong, nothing did."

They won't for another day or so how her vision is, but the doctors were apparently quite optimistic.

There was this little bit as well:

"It’ll probably be a slow recovery, but I believe the worse is over. And you never know, when you see that little body, and how incredibly well she endured these 2 dreadful surgeries, it makes you realize what a fighter our little Sophia is. Can’t wait to see what God has in store for her, I just know that she has a special purpose in life!. When I go back to the hospital tomorrow, I’ll be bringing my camera so that I can send you a photo. The nurses braided her hair, put a ribbon on the braids and she looks like an angel."

This is in contrast to the update we got on Wednesday:

"Last nigh the nurse was moving her, trying to change her sheets and Sophia, very clearly told her 'You guys are a pain in the rear !'"

However, that comment was apparently quite out of character for Sophia (and quite understandable given the circumstances).

Anyway, thank all of you in the blogosphere for your prayers. So many of us here locally are pulling for Sophia. It's nice to know others are as well.

UPDATE: Mark has a bit more from this morning, apparently some more good news!

UPDATE 2: The latest news from Dominican Idaho. Praised be to God!
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