Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sophia Update: Keep Praying!

This update isn't so good. Sophia still isn't out of the woods, so please keep praying.

"Veronica just called me with the results of today’s CAT scan, and asked me to send an email and ask you for special prayers. The main artery in the brain is blocked. They explained that it is the artery that takes the blood out of the brain, so with extensive blockage she has the risk of a hemorrhage.

"They put her on medication to thin the blood but the doctor explained that it takes time, maybe days for that to happen, and in the mean-time it’s dangerous. I was about to start writing to you about today, and how well Sophia was doing. She walked, took a bath, ate, and even talked on the phone with my daughter Karina. This shows us how quickly things can still change. Thank you for your extra prayers! I’ll keep you posted. God bless each and every one you Daniela."
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