Thursday, February 15, 2007

Limited Inerrancy or Categorical Error?

I have been lame, Lame, LAME about posting lately. I apologize for any of those who regularly come to read my humble posts and thank you for your patience. This last month and a half has been extremely busy, and I'm finishing up on four separate projects that have been demanding my time. I guess that doesn't help my chances for the Catholic Blog Awards much, but I'm pretty used to being here in my quiet little corner of the blogosphere anyhoo.

Dominican Idaho has an update on seven-year-old Sophia, who underwent the first of her operations for a brain tumor.

Here's the young lady in question.

The next surgery, which is tomorrow, will involve removal of the remaining portion of the tumor, which is wrapped around her pituitary gland and optic nerves. She will very likely lose some if not all of her vision. Please pray for the preservation of her sight and for her complete recovery. Anita recommends prayers to Blessed Margaret of Castello.

On the theology front, I'm wrapping up a paper on the notion of biblical inerrancy following Vatican II (see Dei Verbum, 11), particularly the notion of limited inerrancy. I couldn't put my finger on precisely why I bawked at this term until last night when the phrase "categorical error" popped into my mind.

Any thoughts?

UPDATE: See the comments for an explanation of the categorical error in question.

UPDATE 2: Yes, I updated this post nearly a year after the fact because I found spelling errors. Sue me.

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