Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Saintliness in Two Easy Steps

The Spouse of Ironic Catholic (SIC for short) has graciously posted some helpful hints from Mr. Simon Simpletongue on how to be saintly in two easy steps. I find this particularly timely because I recently met with my spiritual director. Mr. Simpletongue's method looks so much less time consuming than slinking through interior castles or doing Lectio Divina for hours on end.*

Simpletongue points out the importance of humility in this quest, particularly some confusion some people have about the nature of true humility:

Unfortunately, many people misunderstand what I mean when I talk about humility. “Simon,” they ask me, “does humility mean that I have to pretend that I might not be right about everything?” Absolutely not! Remember, Scripture tells us that the Lord “humbled himself” by becoming one of us. And is there anywhere in Scripture that the Lord suggests that he doesn’t know it all? As you know, we are called to imitate the Lord; hence, there is no need to pretend that we don’t have all the answers. When you are as holy as me and Jesus, you basically have a hotline to the
mind of God, and God is right about everything.

No, humility means accepting the fact that not everyone will admit that we know the truth, and patiently enduring their abuse and scorn. “Blessed are those who are persecuted for my sake,” the Lord says.

Truly a time saver for the saint on the go. Read the rest here.

*Meant in the spirit of the aforementioned article.

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