Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My Last Word...

UPDATE 2 (4/27/07): I've noticed that someone from Boise with a Velocitus account keeps coming back to this page. It's been three months since I posted this message, and frankly, I've moved on, and I hope others from the parish have as well. If you simply want to read what I'm posting, I'm happy that you've dropped by. You can see my most recent posts by going here. If you're looking for some new complaint or offense, well, I certainly hope not to offer it, but I would encourage you to move on, too. We have more important things to do than dwell on past errors. There's a world that needs to know Christ, and we should be focusing on that.

Pax Christi.


On the subject of the wayward deacon.

My apologies to those of you who hoped I was discontinuing the blog. :-)

One of the trends that I've noticed is that the dissenting voices in American Catholicism seem to get the most liberty, while those who cry for preservation of our traditions and reverence for our liturgy seem to come under fire as being pharisaic or even fascistic. You can pick the progressive figures of your preference (Bsp. Gumbleton, Bsp. Brown, Cdnl. Mahoney) and see that it's the case.

While we on the more conservative side don't seem to be granted much grace, we are expected to be tolerant, to give... and we have given.

And many of us are done. We will not stand for irreverence in the presence of Our Lord. We will not be tolerant when faced with intolerance for our Catholic faith. We will not allow our heritage to be wrested from our hands to create a shiny happy Catholic Church in which there is no death, no judgement, no Heaven or Hell because ultimately that means that there is no hope and no redemption. God is Mercy. And God is Justice. And God is Love. When we focus on one of these attributes in exclusion to the others, we lose sight of the fact that they are all God. We cannot exclude the truths we don't like. We must embrace the whole truth, or we are wasting our time.

I pray for wisdom and truth to be granted to our priests and deacons, and for all of the laity, myself included.

Deo gratia!

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